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Wang Quan, former Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Changzhou, visited an investigated Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd



On July 16th, Wang Quan, former Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Changzhou, emphasized during his investigation in Wujin District that as the most important growth pole in Changzhou, Wujin should further strengthen its pursuit of "taking the lead in the city, going ahead in the province, and occupying the top position nationwide", implement the new development concept, further clarify the development positioning and historical logic, establish higher goals, assume greater responsibilities, and be the "vanguard" of the construction of the three star cities in Changzhou, accelerate the construction of a pilot zone for the transformation and upgrading of the southern Jiangsu model, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of the city at the forefront.

Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd., located in the West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, has newly built the project of "Research, Development and Production of Graphene Thermal Conductive Film", which is of great significance for promoting the industrialization of graphene and promoting the progress of China's heat dissipation and electromagnetic shielding material industries. The graphene industry is a new brand established by Wujin, and it has formed an agglomeration effect. It’s hoped that Fuxi Technology can continue to increase the technological research and development, seek fission development through the capital market, and become an industry leader.