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Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the 2019 China International Graphene Innovation Conference

The 2019 China International Graphene Innovation Conference was successfully held at the Xi'an High-tech International Conference Center from October 19 to 21, 2019. This conference was jointly hosted by the Xi'an Science and Technology Bureau, the Management Commission of Xi'an High-tech Industrial Development District, and the Innovation Alliance of Graphene Industry. The aim was to deeply implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and accelerate the high-quality development of the graphene industry. 200 experts from more than 30 countries around the world in various fields shared the latest developments in graphene technology and industry development trends with attendees at three major theme forums: the forefront of graphene strategy, the application of graphene in emerging industries, and the graphene industrialization development. The 2019 China International Graphene Material Application Expo, held concurrently with the conference, invited 200 companies from the global graphene field to participate. Many new graphene products were shown at the expo, injecting new momentum into the development of the global graphene industry.




This conference prepared a "business reception room" for various industrial application fields of graphene, and invited many Top 500 companies such as Huawei, Shaanxi Automobile, and Tata Steel as guests. It also invited 100 large customers from various industries and top experts in related fields for advice to exchange and negotiate with graphene industrialization companies for precise cooperation, conduct in-depth discussions on the problems existing in the process of graphene industrialization, understand the development of companies, promote the graphene industrialization progress and jointly open a new era of global graphene industry development.

Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Sixth Element Material Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this conference together. The graphene thermal conductivity film presented by Fuxi Technology is a high conductivity thermal film made from graphene as raw material and stacked with multiple layers of graphene. Compared with other similar heat dissipation materials in the market, it has the characteristics of good mechanical properties, high thermal conductivity, light weight, thin material, and good flexibility. At the same time, it filled the gap in the industrialization of high thermal conductivity applications of graphene at home and abroad, providing high-quality and economical complete heat dissipation solutions for electronics, aerospace, medical and other industries. We received numerous visitors every day at the booth to learn about the role, application fields, and technical advantages of graphene thermal conductive films.




By participating in this expo, more people have learned about the widespread application of graphene and its huge market potential. In the process of rapid development of new materials and high-end equipment in China, and the transformation of manufacturing industry from large size to strong competitiveness, we have made a lot of efforts to improve the comprehensive performance of graphene materials and their application products to promote the graphene industrialization development .