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Mayor Ding Chun Made Requests during His Investigation of the Graphene Industry: Provide Precise Services and Maintain First-Mover Advantage

“China takes the lead in the global graphene industry, Changzhou takes the lead in the Chinese graphene industry.” How can Changzhou graphene industry maintain its first mover advantage and seize the commanding heights in the current development trend? How can Changzhou leverage the resources of all parties through precise services to create new momentum for the development of graphene industry cluster? On April 22, Mayor Ding Chun investigated the graphene industry. Hang Yong, Secretary General of the municipal government, and Dai Shifu and Xu Zhiguo, district leaders, participated in the investigation.

Changzhou is one of the cities taking the lead in developing graphene industry in China, with a significant first-mover advantage. Changzhou Graphene Science and Technology Industrial Park is the only high-tech industrialization base for new material of graphene in China. It has attracted more than 30 leading innovation and entrepreneurship teams in the field of graphene, more than 130 graphene related companies, with an output value of about 3 billion yuan. Changzhou graphene has been preliminarily applied and industrialized in the downstream fields of equipment manufacturing, photoelectric display, heating and heat dissipation, composite materials, wearable devices, energy, environmental protection and medical devices, etc.

Mayor Ding Chun visited the companies such as Sixth Element, 2D Carbon and Carbon-Explore New Materials, etc and had a face-to-face exchange with the principals of Fuxi Technology, Hongdong Technology, Guocheng GC New Materials and other companies. Ding Chun pointed out that Changzhou graphene industry started early and developed rapidly, but with the current accelerated industrialization process of graphene application, various regions competed for development, and the industrial development competition became more intense. We should study how to make efforts to make use of the first-mover advantage and maintain its leading position. The key to seizing the commanding heights is to cultivate leading companies and industry leaders as soon as possible. By optimizing services to further concentrate efforts, gather resources and integrate policies, the graphene town should be built into a highland of talents, innovation and industry.

Ding Chun said that it is better to give the companies the first order instead of 500,000 yuan of subsidies for scientific research. It is necessary to accelerate the market promotion of the industry by encouraging the demonstration application. We should innovate policy support and accelerate the introduction and cultivation of high-end talents. We should further guide industrial agglomeration and cultivate development momentum through financing services. We should build a direct bridge between companies and the government through the company-government communication platform. We should strive to build a better ecology and create a better environment for the rapid and healthy development of graphene industry by improving the platform and providing precise services.

Dai Shifu, District Chief, pointed out that it is necessary to further study how to demonstrate the development and status of Changzhou graphene industry through product application. The development of graphene industry should be well arranged according to the spatial positioning and business positioning of the industrial park. We should establish a good service system and mechanism to attract more leading talents, academicians of research institutes and excellent entrepreneurs, build a good development platform, and promote the accelerated development of graphene industry.

Cited from Wujin Daily.