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Unveiling of "Jiangsu Graphene Thermal Management Engineering Technology Research Center"of Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd.

On the afternoon of December 29, 2022, an unveiling ceremony was held for the "Jiangsu Graphene Thermal Management Engineering Technology Research Center" undertaken by Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd., and the company leaders, all R&D personnel, and relevant department heads attended the meeting.

At the unveiling ceremony, the General Manager of the company, Chen Miaoqun, announced the appointment of the director of the Jiangsu Graphene Thermal Management Engineering Technology Research Center; Director Zhou Bucun introduced the main research and development directions and construction content of the center; Chairman Xiang Xiaoqin reviewed the development history of the research and development center, emphasized the importance of enterprise innovation, and put forward requirements for the construction and development of the center from three aspects of focusing on target positioning, collaborating with all parties' advantages, and enhancing the team cohesion and focus with the goal of building the center into a well-known thermal management innovation platform in the industry that integrates research and development experiments, inspection and testing, and achievement transformation.