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Ding Chun, former mayor of Changzhou, visited and investigated Changzhou Fuxi Technology Co., Ltd

Do a good job in innovation-driven “article” and release new momentum for high-quality development 

Yesterday afternoon, Mayor Ding Chun investigated the economic and social development of the West Taihu Lake Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, inspected Fuxi Technology, Jingxue Insulation Technology and other companies, Changzhou Medical Device Industry Research Institute and the new campus of Wujin Senior High School, and encouraged the park to adhere to innovation-driven concept and accelerate the release of vitality and momentum for high-quality development. The municipal and district leaders Hang Yong, Dai Shifu, and Xu Zhiguo participated in the investigation.

Ding Chun first visited two companies, Fuxi Technology and Jingxue Insulation Technology. The graphene thermal conductive film independently developed by Fuxi Technology has successfully entered the supply chain system of top domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and the newly built expansion project has also been put into operation; Jingxue Insulation Technology is committed to the development of walls of refrigerated storage and enclosure products of energy-saving factory, as well as energy-saving insulation panels. It has always maintained a leading position in the industry in terms of market share, brand influence, and service coverage. Ding Chun encouraged the two companies to adhere to the path of "specialization, sophistication, and innovation", increase innovation investment, and enhance development momentum. Then, Ding Chun came to Changzhou Medical Device Industry Research Institute to gain a detailed understanding of platform construction such as technology research and development, education and training, testing and certification, investment incubation, talent cultivation, and international cooperation. He hoped that the research institute would continue to explore innovative development models and assist in the development of Changzhou medical device industry. Ding Chun also inspected the construction of the new campus of Wujin Senior High School in Jiangsu Province.

At the subsequent symposium, Ding Chun pointed out that the West Taihu Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park should focus on graphene and mass health industries in accordance with the requirements of "one special project and three improvements", and form a special industrial cluster with the output of more than 10 billion yuan and more than 50 billion yuan as soon as possible. Do a good job in the article of innovation-driven development, prioritize the cultivation of innovative enterprise clusters, promote the deepening of industry-university-research cooperation among enterprises, and vigorously promote stock reform and listing; improve a new innovation platform to fully create a national graphene manufacturing innovation center, and support and guarantee the construction of innovation platforms such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University Changzhou Science and Technology Park and Changzhou Medical Device Industry Research Institute; play the trump card of international innovation cooperation well, and accelerate the construction of a "bridgehead" and demonstration zone of Israeli technology, projects, and capital cooperation in China; The Jiangsu-Macau Cooperation Park needs to be planned from a high starting point and vigorously promoted.

Ding Chun stressed that the West Taihu Lake is a valuable resource of Changzhou, and we must always adhere to ecological priority and green development, and strive to transform the advantages of ecological resources into advantages of industrial development.