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Fuxi Technology is Recognized as a National Level Specialized and Sophisticated "Little Giant" Firm

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of the fifth batch of national level specialized and sophisticated "Little Giant" firms, as well as the second batch of specialized and sophisticated "Little Giant" firms that have been reviewed and approved. Fuxi Technology is listed on the list and has successfully been recognized as a national level specialized and sophisticated "Little Giant" Firm!

The specialized and sophisticated enterprises refer to enterprises with the four characteristics of "specialization, sophistication, uniqueness, and novelty", among which specialized and sophisticated "little giant" firms are outstanding. They are leading enterprises that focus on segmented markets, have strong innovation capabilities, high market share, master key core technologies, and have excellent quality and efficiency.

Fuxi Technology has always been committed to the in-depth research and development of graphene heat dissipation materials, and has overcome the technical barriers in the macro preparation of graphene thermal conductive films, and has been a technology leader in the industry. And the main performance of the products is at the international leading level. With the outstanding R&D innovation capabilities and industrialization capabilities, Fuxi Technology has ranked first in the domestic market share of graphene heat dissipation materials for many consecutive years.

In the future, Fuxi Technology will take this recognition as an opportunity to make full use of the own advantages, adhere to R&D innovation, and strive to "break the deadlock with specialization, establish the business with sophistication, strive for strength with uniqueness, and energize with novelty", striving to make greater achievements in the fields of graphene heat dissipation materials and metal-matrix composite heat dissipation materials, etc!