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Key words: Graphene | Filler materials | Al-based silicon carbide





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Double-Sided Cooling technology is a new structural technology for power module in recent years. It effectively reduces the parasitic inductance and resistance for the device, and effectively improves the power density and reliability. Spacer works as essential components in the Double-Sided Cooling package. Spacers play the role of "heat conduction", "electric conduction" and "structure support".


AlSiC baseplate is widely used in high power IGBT module packaging because of its good thermal physical mechanical properties.


With the continuous development of diamond tools in the machining industry, AlSiC can be machined into housing with various shapes. AlSiC housing are used as packaging materials in thermal management because of excellent thermal physical and mechanical properties, light weight and good air tightness.

Graphene film

Graphene thermal conductive film has the characteristics of excellent thermal conductivity, lightweight, softness, and customizable thickness, and it’s a good thermal conductive material for the heat dissipation solutions for current electronic products.

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