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Graphene film

Graphene thermal conductive film has the characteristics of excellent thermal conductivity, lightweight, softness, and customizable thickness, and it’s a good thermal conductive material for the heat dissipation solutions for current electronic products.

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Super flexible graphene film

Super flexible graphene thermal conductive film not only has good thermal conductivity, but also excellent bending resistance and the thickness can be customized, so it’s a good thermal conductive material for the heat dissipation solution for current foldable electronic products.

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Graphene die-cutting film

Graphene die-cutting film is the die-cutting product of graphene thermal conductive film after die-cutting processing. The combined processing is conducted for graphene thermal conductive film material with different functional materials to form a product with heat equalization, shielding, buffering and other functions.

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Graphene foam sheet

The graphene foam sheet is composed of graphene sheets with low density, high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance as the skeleton, and the irregular lamellar structure between the sheets. The structure and composition of graphene foam film determine its properties such as low density, high thermal conductivity and electromagnetic shielding.

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Graphene thermal conductive plate

The thickness of the graphene thermal conductive plate can be customized. compared to metal,,it has higher thermal conductivity and is lighter in weight, which can be applied to high-power heat dissipation applications.

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Graphene thermal pad

Graphene thermal pad forms continuous and efficient thermal conductive networks though highly oriented graphene along the thickness direction. The product shows notable compression and rebound performace, which gives low interfacial thermal resistance when applied even at low pressure. It can be effectively filled between thermal interfaces to achieve highly efficient heat dissipation.

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Graphene powder

Graphene powder is a high-performance thermal conductive powder, which is formed by high-temperature reduction of graphene oxide as raw material. The product shows good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and is used in plastics, coatings, inks and other fields.

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